Construction begins on historic Huff Hall

Construction that will add classroom, laboratory, office and research space for the College of AHS is underway at the north end of Huff Hall. The project will be completed in March or April of 2011. “This is going to cast a different image for our college and have a place the students can call home,” said Bill Goodman, associate dean for administration and technology for AHS.

Problems with the older building

There is a space deficit of 90,000 to 100,000 square feet.

“Additional space would be great because it’s something we really need,” said Susan Farner, instructor in AHS.

The building is crowded because of increased enrollment.

There is a shortage of research, office, conference and classroom space.

“New additions would be nice, but they should probably focus on some older buildings or wait until the summer,” said Andrew Zang, junior in Business.

What will change

There will be additional office, research, conference and class room space.

There will be increased research facilities for the Center for Aging, Health and Disability program and the Master of Public Health degree.

A “universal walkway” will be constructed, which aims to allow access to people with disabilities.

“One of our concerns was not changing Huff so much that it loses its character,” Goodman said. “We hope the addition will have a modern, contemporary feel and pay honor to the old, historical aspect.”

Cost issues

The project has a $15 million construction budget.

It was internally funded by the college and will be paid for through fundraising.

There will be no additional funding from the state for the project.

Sources: Susan Farner, Bill Goodman, and Andrew Zang.