Illinois briefs: Prospective students tour ACES campus

Prospective students tour ACES campus

Prospective and grade school students toured campus Friday as part of the ExplorACES event. Sponsored by the College of ACES, the event invited students to visit departmental booths and exhibits in the ACES Library, Turner Hall and the Agricultural Engineering Sciences Building.

Ron Dymerski Jr., admitted student from Will County, Ill., said the event was “good for networking.”

His mother, Darlene Dymerski said the day allowed her to see what the academic side of the University is about.

“It is a way to see what your child will being doing,” she said.

Ashley Huisinga, a junior in high school from Monticello, Ill., said the most interesting exhibit was a floral design that incorporated music.

Huisinga said she was already considering attending the University, but the day increased her interest.

“It was really interesting learning about the campus. We got to see everything,” said Alex Villarreal, freshman from Chicago, Ill.

He said the best part of the day was touring the greenhouse and seeing all the interesting plants.

Loren Goodwrich, admitted University student, said even though she already plans to attend the University, the event was still a worthwhile experience.

“It was really good to learn more,” she said. “You get to talk to the students and the professors here. Now I know what to expect and a feel a lot more comfortable.”

Display opens Champaign’s celebration

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Officials in Champaign are gearing up for the community’s yearlong 150th anniversary celebration which kicks off later this week.

An exhibit with several historic items will go on display starting Friday.

It includes an old financial ledger from Champaign schools, 1893 newspapers, a turn-of-the-century baseball uniform and fire equipment.

The free exhibit runs through April 7 and is at Illinois Terminal.

The items are on loan from the Champaign County Historical Society and private individuals.

Two other events are planned for the sesquicentennial.

They include a street festival in July and a dedication of “Legacy Fountain” in March next year.

Quinn to discuss literacy at Chicago library

CHICAGO — Gov. Pat Quinn is scheduled to speak at a downtown Chicago library to stress the importance of childhood literacy.

Quinn is set to appear at the Harold Washington Library Center on Sunday.

The Democratic governor has been touring Illinois schools in recent days to talk about his educational priorities.

The tour comes just days after he called for an income tax increase to prevent deep education cuts.

His proposed budget would cut $1.3 billion from education unless lawmakers raise the income tax rate one percentage point.

Quinn is trying to drum up support for the increase, which key lawmakers show little interest in passing.

Republicans generally oppose an increase, and many Democrats are reluctant to raise taxes in an election year.

Chicago police rule book gets edit after 40 years

CHICAGO — For the first time in four decades, the Chicago Police Department’s rule book is getting an edit.

Department officials say the approximately 16-inch stack of paper is full of outdated orders and entries.

For example, there’s a 1924 rule that officers must wear linen collars with their uniforms.

The book also has unnecessary entries, such as an explanation of daylight-savings time.

Rachel Johnston is the department’s director of research and development.

She says the book is a mess and a team of officers and other department employees is cleaning it up.

Their mission is to trim the book by about two-thirds.

The team of workers is starting from scratch.

Officials say the revised rules will be posted online later this year.

From Daily Illini and Associated Press reports