Inclusive Wellness Week suits all students

For the first time, campus recreation has put together a list of activities for students to be involved during Inclusive Wellness Week.

The coordinator of the event, Chuck Young, hopes to “grab more student involvement more on the recreational side here on campus.” The activities provided this week give students a chance to try something new and increase the wellness on campus.

The ARC provided a Wellness Cooking class Monday, March 29 to educate attendants about diabetes, nutrition, wellness and healthy eating.

“Our main goal is to increase the wellness on campus as a whole for the entire student body; nobody is excluded. We figured the more wellness that is emphasized, the more participation we will get from our students in recreational and leisure activities in the future,” said Young.

Wheelchair Basketball and Sit-down Volleyball will be offered Tuesday, March 30 for all who wish to participate from 6-8pm in ARC Gym 2.

A Game Room will spout XBox 360, PS3 and Nintendo Wii on Wednesday, March 31 from 6-8pm in ARC Multi-purpose Room #7. Table tennis and Bocce Ball will also be available.

All activities are held in an open recreation format so that all can participate in whichever activity they choose at any time.

Depending on the turnout, Young hopes to make Inclusive Wellness Week an annual event.