YMCA holds 9th annual ‘Dump and Run’ event

Students keen on sprucing up their dormitory room or apartment had a unique way of finding decor this weekend at the 9th annual Dump and Run.

The event, hosted by the University YMCA, collected and resold items donated from students and community members, was held at the University Stock Pavilion, 1402 W. Pennsylvania Ave. in Urbana.

Among the items being sold were furniture, kitchen supplies, clothes, electronics, children’s toys and various other things.

The event raked in approximately $20,000 to $25,000 this year. The money goes to funding the YMCA’s programs, said Amanda Krueger, graduate student and event staff member.

Krueger said the Dump and Run is particularly helpful for international students who can’t bring everything they need with them when traveling to the states.

“In the spring time, that’s the first half­, students come and drop off stuff as they’re leaving the dorms. It keeps things out of the landfill, which is part of the objective of it,” said Mike Doyle, executive director of the YMCA.

Environmental reasons are a large part of why the event was started, Doyle said. Dump and Run reduces waste and litter, saves space in landfills, and aids in lowering dumping costs for certified housing and apartments.

“We’re a throwaway society, it’s ridiculous how much it happens. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” said Marie Childress, a Champaign resident and University employee who has been attending the event for years. She said that many things go to waste when students leave for the summer.

“I live here and I see it and it’s just money thrown away, and good things in the garbage,” Childress said.

The most interesting thing Childress said she ever found was a television remote that actually matched the television set she had at home. “It’s amazing, things like that really make me keep coming. It’s the treasure hunt,” Childress said.

Jizhe Yang, sophomore in Engineering, said she came to Dump and Run for her second year in a row in order to get things for her new apartment.

“It helps saving the environment, it’s recycling, and people get cheaper stuff here,” she said.

Yang said that environmental reasons are part of why she attends the event. “Things are very generously priced for students knowing that they’re on a budget,” Krueger said.