Classes start with chilly air, loud noises in Gregory Hall

Students in Gregory Hall may find their first classroom experiences of the year a bit louder and colder than usual. Renovations in and around the building have caused classroom disturbances and room relocations.

Doris Reeser, capital maintenance planning coordinator for Facilities and Services at the University, said construction will be ongoing throughout the semester.

“Three months in the summer is short for a project of that scale,” she said.

Most of the work will be done by the end of December, but some projects will continue into next semester, Reeser said.

“Most people are glad something is being done,” she said. “Faculty and students haven’t been inconvenienced before this because there hasn’t been construction, since there hasn’t really been money for it in the last three years.”

Resources for the construction at the YMCA were funded partly through a $500,000 state capital grant and a $250,000 mortgage. The center also acquired over $860,000 in new funds over the past year. The association is continuing to raise money through donations in order to fund the project’s $2.3 million price tag. Meanwhile, Gov. Pat Quinn approved $57.3 million in state funding for Lincoln Hall’s renovations last year.

A portion of the sidewalk along Wright Street is also closed, requiring students to walk on a temporary path in the street.

According to an e-mail sent by Sherry Miller from the Office of the Registrar to instructors at Gregory Hall, several rooms throughout Gregory Hall will be affected by work on the air conditioning system.

“In order to have air conditioning available in the classrooms on the east side, the system is running with no temperature controls available,” according to the e-mail.

Reeser said the air conditioning will not be regulated for the next couple weeks.

“If you’re in a building that’s being worked on, you’re one of the lucky ones,” she said. “There are a lot of other buildings that aren’t being worked on.”

Peggy Wells, graduate secretary for the Philosophy department, said her office has been temporarily moved to the third floor of Gregory Hall due to the air conditioning work. She added that she was told she could return to her old office by Jan. 1.

Wells said in addition to the air conditioning work, the outdoor construction has been another issue for classes in Gregory Hall.

“This morning one of my TAs (teaching assistant) was on the second floor and he said just as he began to talk, a jackhammer or drill or something went,” Wells said. “You just live with it and deal with it. It’s kind of a nuisance but you go with the flow.”

Caroline Lartz, junior in AHS, said construction noise was frequent throughout her class in Gregory Hall.

“It was really loud during class,” Lartz said. “We didn’t really have to stop but there were parts we couldn’t hear.”

The construction’s impact is not only limited to pedestrians and bikers. Cornelius Carpenter, junior in AHS, walked to class Monday rather than drove due to the construction.

“I like to keep my car clean so all of the dust is sort of a problem,” Carpenter said. “The car is definitely going to stay parked until the construction is done.