Pop, lock and drop it for charity

University students have combined a love for hip-hop dance with a passion for giving back to the community.

For this fall semester, the Dance N’ Donate class, a charity dance class, will be making a reappearance Sunday at the Activities and Recreation Center.

Jennifer Eirinberg, president of Dance N’ Donate and senior in Education, said the class started last semester and brought in about 10 to 40 people.

Each participant of the class is required to donate $1, which goes to the group’s charity of choice. Last semester, the group raised over $100.

“Hopefully, this year, we’re trying to make it even bigger,” she said.

Eirinberg added that this class is for both dancers and non-dancers.

The hour-long class consists of 15 minutes of warm ups and stretches, 10 minutes of an intense ab workout and about 30 minutes of learning a new choreography along with a performance in front of small groups at the end of the class.

The Dance N’ Donate class will be held once a month for this academic term. Though last semester’s classes were held much more often.

Eirinberg said she hopes for a large turnout this semester.

“Hopefully we want it to be something to look forward to,” she added. “And people will know in advance and come to have a good time.”

Eirinberg said some benefits of the class include getting different people together and seeing everyone have a fun time.

“When I dance is when I completely let go and not think of anything else,” she said.

Mallory Miller, senior in Education, participated in the class last year.

She said she was a little nervous in her first class because she is not much of a dancer.

Despite her initial nerves, Miller said she had a great time in the class and intends to make all of the classes this semester.

“When you walk out of the class, you just realize how much fun you had, and you want to come back,” Miller said. “Not only are they doing this for a cause, they’re having fun doing it. Helping people for a cause can be a really fun time.”

Monica Waimberk, treasurer for Dance N’ Donate and junior in Business, said Eirinberg is trying to make the class bigger this year to raise as much money as possible for charity.

She added that Eirinberg covers the cost of the space at the Activities and Recreation Center herself so that all the money goes to charity.

There is also a bonding experience for everyone who participates in the class, said David Goese, senior in LAS.

Besides the small limited amount of time per class, Goese expressed his support for Dance N’ Donate.

“I love it because it’s a mixture of two things at once,” he said. “The charitable service … and at the same time I get to dance with a bunch of my friends.”

Eirinberg explained the importance of being silly and simply having a good time.

“Just to really relax, let go and have fun. That’s the purpose of it,” Eirinberg said. “If you feel silly doing it, then you’re doing it right.”