Chief Illiniwek’s annual dance will go on in spite of legal issues

“The Next Dance” is still on as decided by a Students for Chief Illiniwek meeting that went until nearly midnight on Friday, after time of press for The Daily Illini.

“We as executive board of SFCI are going to go ahead with the Next Dance despite what the University said,” said Ivan Dozier, the newly selected unofficial chief portrayer, sophomore in ACES.

The alumni society Honor the Chief had made the decision that day to cancel the event because of pressure felt from a cease-and-desist letter sent by Chicago lawyer Andrew. L Goldstein, representing the University, that warned of potential action in response to trademark requests made. The society had felt that it was the best decision for the students.

“The thing we need to do now is to make sure people show up and show the University that the Chief still has support,” Dozier said.

Tickets are still on sale at the UI Box Office and on Ticketmaster. Admission is free for students with an iCard and $5 for all others. The event is back on for Saturday, Oct. 23, at 6 p.m. at the Assembly Hall.

It is still being discussed how the letter and the allegations will be handled. Dozier said SCFI’s executive board though that too much had gone into it thus far.

“Even with pressing legal issues, it needs to be done,” he said. “It’s only a week away–I don’t see what the University could do to us.”

“The Next Dance” event will be used to kick off a new organization called “the Chief Lives” that will help unite all groups: Council of the Chiefs, SFCI and HTC.