Alum to give presentation on social media from Iraq

Through Skype, Moustafa Ayad, an alum, will be giving a presentation, from Iraq, about his work in the Middle East.

Ayad will be talking about training young journalists in the Middle East to use Facebook, Twitter and other forms of social media to spread information, said Kim Schmidt, director of Publications and Media Relations at the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences.

“He is boots on the ground, working with young journalists and activists and teaching them about the power of social media,” Schmidt said.

The video conference will be on Monday, May 2 at 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences building room 126.

Ayed graduated from the Graduate School of Library and Information Sciences in 2009 and he has been working for many U.S. government funded projects to promote Internet freedom throughout Middle East and North Africa, according to the event website.

“Ayed is a journalist by trade, he was editor-in-chief during undergraduate school at (Southern Illinois University-Carbondale),” Schmidt said. “I think this is a great opportunity for him to share his really important work and we encourage everyone to come.”

Schmidt added that she believes Ayed can be a great example of an University alum applying change.

“(Ayed) is really great example of a recent graduate that is blending disciplines, a good example of (someone) taking advances in technology and applying them to advances in politics,” she said. “This intersection (where technology meets politics) is the future of change and it is amazing to see an alum applying it.”

Information about the event can be found “here.”: