B. Lime closing its doors

B. Lime, an eco-friendly store in Champaign, will be closing its doors on June 30. Even though there will be no physical location, the store will have an online presence where customers can continue shopping.

Wendi Lindsay, owner of B. Lime, said there are a lot of factors to the store closing, such as wanting to spend time with her almost two-year old daughter and because of the trend towards shopping online. She added that there will be a few pick-up locations where customers will not have to pay a shipping charge. Two undisclosed locations will be in Champaign and another one at Frogs & Fairies in Urbana.

“Everything we carry is in some way green,” she said.

For the past two years, snack taxis or reusable fabric snack bags have been a number one seller in the store. Instead of using a plastic bag, this fabric envelope with a waterproof inside has been a very popular item, she added.

Cloth diapers and Prairie Rain Harvesters have been a few other high-selling items. Lindsay said the rain harvesters are a way to collect rainwater in their 55-gallon barrels and 300 of them have been sold since the store’s opening in November of 2008.

Big plans are already underway for designing the online website, along with adding more products, yet she said she will miss a few store favorites.

“The customers, honestly, that’s my favorite thing. That’s what I’ll miss,” Lindsay said. “They’ve just been great.”