Busey-Evans installs wireless connection

Busey-Evans Residence Halls are going wireless.

The residence hall is next to be a part of a University Housing project that began this summer to install WiFi routers in select halls. Busey-Evans will become the fifth hall on campus to have wireless capacities in student rooms, among Barton, Lundgren, Nugent and Daniels, said Kirsten Ruby, assistant director of housing for marketing.

Ruby said the wireless access could be complete as soon as this October.

While some dorm rooms already have access, Ruby said the remaining rooms in Busey-Evans without wireless Internet will be visited by CITES employees over the next couple months for installation of the hardware.

Once the process is done, residents will be able to log in to campus network the same way they do in most public University buildings around campus.

In all other dorms, residents only have access to wireless in public areas, such as lounges and the dining facilities.

“We hope eventually to provide wireless in all of our rooms,” Ruby said.

Yiyang Hu, sophomore in LAS, said she cannot wait and hopes the wireless is installed as soon as possible.

“Sometimes, if you have the wire connection, it will drop out occasionally,” Hu said. “If we have the WiFi, we can go all around (the room), and we can study in the room very conveniently.”

Betsy Sudlow, senior in LAS, said she appreciated that she will have wireless access during her last year on campus.

“It will be different from having to go downstairs,” Sudlow said. “(Studying) with cords running across the room — not a lot of people want to do that.”

Sudlow said she was looking forward to flaunting her newfound wireless connectivity.

“I have talked to people in other dorms,” Sudlow said. “They are kind of envious about the fact that it is here, and I think it is a good step towards the technological advances in residence halls.”