‘No boys allowed’ is a thing of the past at Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall

Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall’s long-standing tradition of “No Boys Allowed,” at least as far residents is concerned, is no more.

Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall, or LAR, has made a few changes this year, including becoming a coed residence hall and starting a new scholars community.

Kirsten Ruby, assistant director of housing for marketing, said it was time for the dorm to make changes for the larger class of 2015.

“Housing was looking for a dorm that could offer a Scholars Community and expand the co-ed options,” Ruby said. “LAR was the good fit.”

Ruby said the Scholars Community is a special living portion located on the second floor of Leonard Hall, a dorm in LAR.

“There are no specific requirements other than an interest in being part of it,” Ruby said. “Students share common interests on being part of the honors community. Most students are part of the James Scholars program or undergraduates who are interested in a research project working with a faculty member.”

While LAR has gone coed, boys will be living in only eight of the hall’s 32 wings. In all, only about a quarter of the space in LAR is allocated to male residents.

Carly Norris, a freshman in ACES, said LAR still seems to be a girls’ residence hall.

“It does not seem to be that coed,” Norris said. “Because it is just only half of two dorms (floors), and I live on the fourth floor. So, I do not feel the effects of it being a coed dorm.”

Eric Shen, freshman in DGS, said LAR is not so different from other co-ed dorms.

“It is not really awkward to see girls on the same floor,” Shen said. “It is pretty much separated, and we don’t mingle around much but during floor meetings.”

Shen said he thinks LAR’s transition to a coed dorm has gone smoothly.

“When I first got in, all the doors seemed like it was made for girls,” Shen said. “Everyone is really cool though; there are no discrepancies or conflicts between guys and girls. Nothing really shady going on.”