Urbana City Council to discuss possible bicycle, bus lane on Green Street

A possible dedicated lane for buses and bicycles to share on Green Street between Wright Street and Lincoln Avenue will be discussed for the first time at Monday’s Urbana City Council meeting.

City staff will present this idea to Mayor Laurel Prussing and the council to clarify whether this is in line with the Urbana Bicycle Master Plan and if the council will support an application for the Very Small Starts grant to fund the bike line, among other city traffic projects.

This corridor is outlined as a lane dedicated to bicycles only in the Urbana Bicycle Master Plan, so the council will need to discuss this alternative, said Brandon Bowersox, Ward 4 and chair of the Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Commission, or BPAC.

Though this will be the first time the council discusses the project, the BPAC has already held two meetings to explore all possible options, Bowersox said. They examined shared lanes in other cities with traffic mixes similar to Urbana and found them to be effective, he added.

“After careful consideration and debate, we feel this is the better option,” Bowersox said.

He said this is a new concept for the city and is unsure of the rest of the council’s thoughts on the matter.

Funding for the Champaign County Convention & Visitors Bureau, or CVB, will once again be discussed at Monday’s meeting.

At last week’s meeting of the council, Bowersox presented a motion about the CVB funding. His motion requested that the bureau make clear how it reports funding and how it affects Urbana businesses and also that a staff recommendation be used to determine whether CVB should oversee arts funding for 40 North 88 West.

A resolution regarding the Truth in Taxation property tax will be presented as well as a proposed timeline for passing a tax levy.

City council will revisit the stormwater utility fee first discussed in the Sept. 26 meeting.