Deadline to sign-up for Imprint Leadership Program this Friday

Imprint, a leadership institute focused on developing competencies in students to successfully manage transitions, will be taking place on Saturday, February 25, 2012 at the Illini Union from 9 am to 6 pm.

This day-long program, offered only once during each academic year, expects over 200 students for this Saturday’s event. Focusing on skills necessary for displaying leadership during times of personal and professional change, students who participate can expect to develop personal skills related to adaptability, as well as tangible ways to develop the personal and professional networks necessary to sustain success in any environment.

Of particular interest at Imprint is that over 30 successful University of Illinois alumni from a variety of professions serve as facilitators, sharing their personal stories of success or failures, and engaging with student participants. Students who participate in this program will be broken up into groups based on career interests and given an opportunity to work in small groups with U of I alumni who are involved in the very work they someday wish to pursue.

Imprint, now nearly ten years running, is part of the The Illinois Leadership Center at the University of Illinois. The Center provides students, faculty and staff with opportunities to develop, or enhance essential leadership skills.

Registry closes at noon Friday and only a few spaces remain for this years program. To sign-up and find out more about the program visit their “website.”: