Urbana City Council to discuss roundabouts, renaming courthouse

Urbana City Council will continue to discuss plans for a roundabout at the intersection of Florida Avenue and Philo Road at their Committee of the Whole meeting Monday.

The old traffic signals have reached the ends of their life spans and need to be replaced, said Diane Marlin, Ward 7. After about six months of discussing the possibility of the roundabout, council members will decide whether they will recommend its approval Monday. Another on Race Street and Windsor Road is also being considered but will not be addressed Monday.

The cost of constructing the roundabout will cost anywhere from $500,000 to $700,000. Marlin said the city council has reviewed reports from technicians and consultants and it is time to make a final decision.

“It’s a good chance to do a lot at once,” she said.

Council members will also continue to discuss a resolution that supports the renaming of the federal courthouse in Urbana after James R. Burgess Jr.

Steve Burgess, the son of James Burgess, is continuing to ask for support at the local level in his efforts.

James R. Burgess Jr. is a decorated war veteran and the first locally elected black county official in Champaign County, serving as state’s attorney. Steve Burgess along with many city council members believe that Burgess’ service to the country, state and community make renaming the courthouse after him a fitting memorial.

Since the courthouse is a federal building, the final decision regarding this matter will be made at the federal level by state senators and other government officials.

“What happens after we demonstrate local support is hard to know,” Marlin said. She added that local support may not necessarily help Burgess’ case once it reaches the federal level.

This resolution has been carried over to several meetings but is to be voted on Monday.