Ameren restores power to more than 50,000 customers

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Update (1:25 p.m., Tuesday): Ameren Illinois says it has restored power to 51,423 customers since the winter storm began on Sunday.

Ameren Illinois activated its emergency operations center late Sunday afternoon in the midst of a brutal winter storm across the state.

Ameren has placed employees on alert and has taken the following actions:

— Trucks are being fueled and loaded with supplies, so they are ready for any emergencies.

— Crews on trucks are being doubled to ensure safety of its workers.

— Gas storage facilities are being staffed 24 hours to ensure gas is available to meet increased demand.

According to Ameren, high wind has been the primarily causing power outages and leading to “flickering” for some customers.

In anticipation of service calls, Ameren is calling crews to station near operating center for deployment. In some cases, because of impassable roads, Ameren is using ATVs to reach its equipment.

Customers who experience a power outage should report it by calling Ameren at 800-755-5000 or visiting