University monitoring weather, no plans to cancel classes

By Daily Illini Staff Report

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for Champaign County lasting until 12 p.m. Wednesday.

There are no plan to cancel classes for Wednesday, but the University will continue to monitor conditions and take action if they feel they cannot safely continue operations as normal, campus spokeswoman Robin Kaler said in an email.

Snowfall started just after noon Tuesday and is expected to continue overnight, according to a release from Champaign County Sheriff’s Office.

An estimated total of 6 to 8 inches are expected but higher amounts are possible. Wind gusts reaching as high as 25 mph are possible and could cause whiteout conditions, according to the release.

The University sent out a mass email to campus members that Facilities and Services crews are putting down salt, sand and brine down to address the ice on campus.

A combination of salt and sand will continue to be put down in roads and intersections and the brine will be used as a pre-treatment for roads, parking lots and sidewalks, according to the email.

Building services workers are also going to be removing snow and ice melt on building steps and walkways.

The email also encouraged students to take proper precautions when traveling to class in the conditions as some areas may remain slick.

Students should also use caution when walking, biking or driving on campus as low temperatures limit the effectiveness of salt, according to the email.