ISS gears up for Spring 2014 elections, Teaching Excellence Awards and Unofficial

By Megan Jones

At the Illinois Student Senate’s Wednesday meeting, Vice President-Internal Jenny Baldwin announced that the senate will host the student trustee debate Thursday, Feb. 27 at a location to be announced. Additionally, Baldwin said she has reached out to the Campus Student Election Commission chairman to moderate the debate but has yet to receive a response.

Student Body President Damani Bolden and Baldwin attempted to add an executive order appointing committee members to the senate’s agenda without 48 hour notification to the public in violation of the Open Meetings Act provisions of the senate’s constitution. This is the same executive order that the senate moved to add to its agenda on Feb. 5 without giving 48 hour notice to the public, prompting the order to be rescinded at its Feb. 12 meeting. 

Senator Calvin Lear, graduate student, advised that senators remove the order from the agenda for the same reasons that they rescinded it last week. The executive order was removed.

Bolden sponsored a “Know Your Rights” resolution, which would allocate $1,106 for 10,000 cards that state students rights to help them during Unofficial. The card will also feature information for emergency services. 

Senator Luke Sailer, senior in LAS, said he and Bolden are meeting with the police department tomorrow to speak about Unofficial and will bring information back. 

Senator Kevin Seymour, graduate student, resigned from his position as treasurer. A new treasurer will be elected will at the senate’s Feb. 26 meeting. 

In addition, the senate approved a $2,758.85 fund allocation for the Teaching Excellence Awards, which includes the purchase of flowers, invitations, photo books, shipping fees, catering and plaques.  

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