Dickey elected as president of Illinois Student Senate

By Edward Gathercoal

Mitch Dickey, sophomore in LAS, was elected to serve as the next president of the Illinois Student Senate and hopes to increase outreach and communication to the overall student body. 

Dickey was elected with a vote of 14 members in support. Joshua Baalman, sophomore in LAS, and Zach Bass, junior in Business, were also nominated.

The student senate held elections at 7:30 Tuesday night at the Illini Union. Matt Hill, sophomore in LAS, was elected as Vice President-External, Sarah Hochman, sophomore in ACES, was elected as Vice President-Internal and Scott Grubczak, sophomore in Business, was elected as Treasurer. 

“We all wish to fix that which is broken … it implies that we see things we know could be better. It implies we all want to see things we know to be better improved. But what it doesn’t say is ‘how’, and I think that’s the brilliance of it,” Dickey said. “We as leaders on our campus need to be the bridge between our peers and friends who see these things they wish they could see changed, and work towards changing them.” 

He added that he believes the key way to find what needs “fixing” is to receive feedback directly from students on campus.  

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    “The most critical aspect of being an active leader is to be open and listen to what others have to say,” Dickey said.

    He said that this is why he wanted to add some “simple commonsensical” improvements to how the senate operates to make it more effective as a whole, and more representative of the overall student body. 

    All candidates spoke about the need to increase member retention and attendance policies within the senate. 

    Hill summed his main goals in three words: “collaborate, create and captivate.” He hopes to increase participation and working together within ISS as well as further engage the entire student body to increase awareness of ISS’ presence. 

    Hochman wants to increase efficiency and accountability of senators, while Grubczak hopes to host bi-monthly presentations to show the senate’s budget. 

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    A previous version of this article stated that Matt Hill’s main goals were to “collaborate, elaborate and captivate.” The article should have stated Hill’s goals were to “collaborate, create and captivate.” The Daily Illini regrets the error.