Feedback requested about trial crosswalk on Sixth Street

By Daily Illiini Staff Report

In late September, a trial crosswalk was installed between the Business Instructional Facility and Wohlers Hall. A survey about the trial will be conducted through Nov. 14, and the results will be used to make the decision on whether or not the crosswalk will become permanent.

According to Roland White, civil engineer for Facilities and Services, the survey will measure perception of the crosswalk from its users and others who drive through the area. White stressed the importance of getting a human perspective in addition to the engineering methods used at the crosswalk to measure traffic and stacked cars.

“It’s important to get the human element into the equation. So it’s important to reach out and get feedback from people who are actually using the crosswalk and driving through the area,” he said.

White said the survey will provide a source of feedback on crossing at the location as well as perceptions on safety from passers and drivers.

The objective of the crosswalk is to provide safety and improve pedestrian traffic management at the location.

“There were a lot of random crossings across the street, frequent trips between BIF and Wohlers,” said White. “This allows that to be performed in a more organized fashion.”

The results of the survey will not be released until the information is combined with traffic data and a joint recommendation is reached. White said they will likely release the results in December.