Proposed neutrality resolution ends in ISS subcommittee

By Charlotte Collins

A proposed resolution for the neutrality of the Illinois Student Senate died in a subcommittee Tuesday. The resolution would have prevented the student senate from taking a stance in regards to boycott movements that could possibly alienate certain nationalities on campus and make some groups or individuals feel isolated. 

The committee on campus affairs voted to postpone the resolution indefinitely after it faced criticism during the last meeting’s public comment portion from individuals and student organizations.

Members of the public previously voiced concerns over the resolution’s language and the possibility of it shutting down a space for open discourse. William Lynch, ISS senator and graduate student, tried to rewrite the resolution, but the revisions were still struck down. 

Additionally, the It’s On Us campaign’s Week of Action continued this Wednesday with the “It’s On Us Sticks” activity. Students and senators met at 5:00 p.m. in the Student Senate Complex to write tips and comments concerning good habits for the community to take responsibility on sexual assault and eschew victim-blaming. 

Vice President-Internal Sarah Hochman spoke about the event and spreading awareness of the campaign.

“(We wrote) a bunch of little key short phrases on sticky notes,” Hochman said. “Hopefully, people will see them and register (to take the pledge), somewhere they’re familiar with every day and think this is an issue that’s being taken very seriously on this campus.”

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