What to do when your friends are too drunk

By Yi Zhu

Sometimes being drunk is relatively harmless and just results in a hangover the next day; however, sometimes serious medical help can be necessary when a person is unable to make clear decisions, can’t speak clearly or is really sick. Alcohol poisoning can result from excessive drinking and has the potential to do serious damage to one’s physical health.

Signs of alcohol poisoning: 

• Unconscious and cannot be awakened 

•Has cold body temperature

•Unusually pale or blueish skin 

•Irregular breathing 

•Vomiting without waking up during or after 

 Source: McKinley Health Center 

 What to do:

•Stop the person from drinking alcohol, and do not leave them alone

•Find a quiet place for the person to sit and relax

•Do not try to guess someone’s level of drunkenness 

•Make sure your friend stays warm; a high blood alcohol concentration can lower body temperature 

•Make sure they lie on their side and place something behind their back to prevent them from rolling over and choking on their own vomit 

•If they are left to “sleep it off”, they can risk hypothermia, hypoglycemia, irreversible brain damage, seizures and death  

Source: McKinley Health Center and College Drinking Prevention