Timeflies and B.o.B to perform at Spring Jam

By Daily Illini Staff Report

The Illini Union Board announced Timeflies and B.o.B will headline its first ever Spring Jam concert during a reveal party on the Anniversary Plaza Tuesday at noon. 

The concert will be held on April 26 at 2 p.m. on the Main Quad.

State Farm Center and Star Course are joining the Illini Union Board to host the free outdoor concert for University students who present their i-Card upon entry. 

Both the Illini Union Board and Star Course decided who would perform at the Spring Jam by factoring in who would be available as well as who would appeal to the campus, said Hannah Ahn, senior in Engineering and senior manager for Star Course.

“Voices for the students in those spaces makes perfect sense,” said Jaylin McClinton, Illini Union Board president and junior in LAS. “This has been a big project for years, and I think that all of the bodies involved are very excited that it is happening, and I think it will be great for students.”

Ahn said if the concert has a good turn out, it will become an annual event. The event was originally supposed to be in the fall, but when plans were finally confirmed, it was too late to book artists, she said. The concert was going to be outside of Huff Hall, but it was moved to the Quad after a discussion with Chancellor Phyllis Wise.

State Farm Center took responsibility for booking the artists and were monetary sponsors along with the Illini Union, said Ahn and McClinton.

Jack McColl, Yik Yak field marketer and videographer, and the Yak were also on the Quad giving away free socks, pens and Yik Yak tattoos. 

“We wanted to go to every big university in the Midwest and promote a good time, give out a bunch of free merchandise and increase engagement overall,” McColl said. “Our main drive behind everything we do is positivity.”

The 92s, a local band, performed live music as attendees waited for the announcement and lead singer, Dan Durley, dedicated a song to the Yak.  

Gargi Sundaram, freshman in LAS, said she is excited for the show because B.o.B was one of the first bands she listened to when she began listening to radio music.

“I am really excited because I have only been to one concert before in my life,” Sundaram said. “Illini Union Board does so many great things for the campus, and I would definitely support more stuff like this because that’s what college is about, having all these randomly cool experiences.”

Atia Wilson, junior in Business and director of marketing for Illini Union Board, said she enjoys working with the board because it puts on free events for students to  attend as a way to relax.

“We put a lot of effort into this event, and we are still working on it, so it makes it even more worthwhile,” Wilson said. 

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