University band director interviews for Ohio State position

By Daily Illini Staff Report

The director of the Marching Illini was at The Ohio State University Monday and Tuesday to take part in the interview process for the school’s marching band director position.

Barry Houser, assistant director of bands, has worked at the University since 2011. In addition to working with the marching band, he is also a clinical assistant professor in the School of Music.

Ohio State Senior Director of Media and Public Relations Gary Lewis said Houser is one of a few finalists being interviewed for the position. Lewis did not confirm how many finalists there were but said a decision would be made soon.

Houser has directed bands that performed in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Washington D.C. National Memorial Day Parade. In March 2014, he also directed the Marching Illini during their performance in the Limerick and Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin making it the first college band to ever perform in the parade.

The Ohio State University marching band was ranked first nationally by the NCAA website in January.

Will Ernst, freshman in FAA, said Houser was an influence in his decision to attend the University and join the Marching Illini.

“The whole band really looks up to him and it’d be a disappointment but I think everyone would be happy for him if that’s what he wanted to do,” Ernst said.

He said the band was notified about a meeting on Wednesday concerning its future. Although the topic of the meeting was not specified, Ernst said he believes it will concern Houser and his career path.