Killeen Issues Administrative Hiring Freeze

According to a press release issued by President Timothy Killeen on Thursday, the University is undergoing a hiring freeze on all central administrative positions due to the absence of a fiscal 2016 state budget.

Killeen said the University must act decisively to manage their expenses as they continue to monitor developments in the state budget in Springfield. The freeze will remain in effect until the University receives its fiscal 2016 state budget from the State.

According to Killeen, the job searches that were approved as of June 30, 2015 will be allowed to continue. Waivers to the hiring freeze will also be considered. Waivers will only be “limited to positions that are truly mission-critical or to unit reorganizations that are proposed to create efficiencies, optimize effectiveness, and reduce operating budgets.”

Killeen said any exceptions for the temporary administrative hiring freeze would require review and approval by the offices of the Chief Financial Officer and Comptroller, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President through the Hire Touch process.

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    Killeen said this process will not only apply to new hire requests, but also to reclassifications, promotions, search waivers or other position changes or additions that will occur during this period.

    “We realize these measures will create challenges,” Killeen said. “Given the state’s budget circumstances, we must focus our efforts on effectively managing our resources so as to maintain essential services while sustaining a high level of customer service that is delivered as efficiently and effectively as possible.”