Victim admits to fabricating details in police report

By Senait Gebregiorgis

The University Division of Public Safety issued a statement Wednesday that a victim fabricated details of an armed robbery that reportedly occurred on Monday, June 29. 

A crime alert was issued that day stating that the victim
was approached by a man who pulled out a handgun and demanded the victim’s
belongings near 23 E. Stadium
 Champaign. It stated the victim was not injured after giving his wallet to the offender
and leaving the area.

The person who reported the crime later admitted to fabricating the details
of the report after being interviewed again by detectives with the
University of Illinois Police Department. There was in fact no armed robbery that took place. 

Wade, spokesman for the University of Illinois Police Department, said every
crime that is reported to the police is taken very seriously.

when we’re investigating crimes like these – especially armed robberies,
violent crimes – we spend a lot of time investigating these and a lot of
resources,” Wade said. “So when someone comes to us and makes up details, we
take that seriously, too, because there is a lot of police resources that were
expended in the investigation and we want to deter people from taking advantage
of us.”

far as false reports like these happening again, Wade said it’s
difficult for police to focus on preventing people from being motivated to lie to the police in certain cases. However, the University of Illinois
Police Department encourages the public to never hesitate to turn to them when
feeling unsafe.

someone needs help, comes to us and wants it, we’re going to help them out as
best as we can,” Wade said. “Obviously, this case was fabricated. but (robbery)
does happen from time to time and we do want people to walk in groups, avoid
walking in dark areas, use safe walks, be aware of your surroundings and
anytime you see suspicious behavior, report it.”

person who reported the crime is not affiliated with the University and was
issued a state of Illinois notice
to appear in court for filing a false police report, according to the statement from the Division of Public Safety.