University to hold two day MMR vaccination clinic to combat mumps outbreak

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Due to the recent mumps outbreak over the summer, the University will be holding a two-day MMR vaccination clinic in the Ballroom at the Illini Union.

The clinic will be held Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The vaccination will be free for all students, faculty and staff members. All born after 1956 are encouraged to receive the third MMR vaccination; anyone who plans to receive the vaccination Wednesday or Thursday must present their iCard.

A massmail sent out by the University Monday afternoon outlined steps for students to take to prevent the spread of the infection.

n If you think you may have mumps, students may call McKinley’s Dial-A-Nurse at 217-333-2700 to discuss their symptoms and set up a visit. Faculty and staff should contact their medical provider if care or advice is needed.

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    n If you have not already done so, all students should get a third MMR vaccination as soon as possible.

    n The few students who have an existing waiver for compliance with the required MMR vaccination should consider whether seeking exemption outweighs the significantly higher risk of severe illness that people with no previous vaccine face.

    n Follow simple steps to limit the spread of infection such as washing your hands often, avoiding unnecessary physical contact and sharing eating utensils and common foods at events.