Killeen announces transition team for College of Medicine

By Charlotte Collins

President Timothy Killeen announced a transition team Monday, which will work on facilitating the development of the Carle-Illinois College of Medicine.

The team and its goals were announced by Killeen through a massmail sent to University faculty.

The team is chaired by Greg Freund, head of the Department of Pathology, as well as a professor within the school. The team will plan a government structure to facilitate collaboration between the Urbana and Chicago campuses.

This work was started by a task force led by University President Emeritus Joseph White.

The task force also suggested a number of candidates in May to join the transition team.

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    “We handed off our recommendations to the president and he picked up the baton from there,” White said. “The first act that he has taken was appointing the transition team.”

    White said the task force doesn’t expect to have continued involvement now that the team has been selected.

    White served as the chair of the task force leading ten other members, two of which went on to be selected for the transition team.

    Former Chancellor Phyllis Wise and Provost Ilesanmi Adesida, whose resignation is effective Aug. 31, have spearheaded the foundation of creating a biomedical engineering college in Urbana.

    Other members of the team are:

    • Feng Sheng Hu, Professor and Associate Dean of Science at LAS for the Urbana campus
    • Jim Slauch, Director of the Medical Scholars program and medical microbiology professor for the Urbana campus
    • Larry Tobacman, Senior Associate Dean for Research and College of Medicine Professor for the Chicago campus
    • Matthew Wheeler, Department of Animal Science Professor and Senate Executive Committee member for the Urbana campus
    • Nutrition and Health Professor Sharon Donovan was also named in the massmail as an ombudsman to assist the team.

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