Liquor license suspended at The Clybourne, bar free to re-open Monday

By Daily Illini Staff Report

The liquor license of The Clybourne bar, 706 S. Sixth St., was suspended over the weekend for multiple violations.

The bar, commonly called Cly’s, was cited for four violations, one of which was dismissed. The other three violations include one count of sale to an underage individual and two counts of presence of minors.

A presence of minors charge indicates that someone under the age of 19 was admitted into the establishment. All three violations occurred between August and November of 2014.

The Clybourne’s liquor license was suspended 6 a.m. Friday until 2 a.m. Monday. Elliott Nelson, Champaign assistant to the city manager, said the bar will not face any other repercussions in relation to the suspension, as the business served the penalty in its entirety.

Nelson said that every bar in the Champaign area gets checked for violations about twice a year; he said the city doesn’t try to single out any particular establishment. If a bar is found in violation of any city ordinance, it will be checked again in addition to the semi-annual rounds.

A representative from The Clybourne could not be immediately reached.

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