Former UI Student Pleads Guilty to Class 1 Felony

By Daily Illini Staff Report

Michael Genovese, former University student, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance — a Class 1 felony — Wednesday.

Genovese was accused of selling recreational drugs on campus. Genovese lived at the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity on campus and admitted that on May 8, 2014, he had between five and 15 grams of ecstasy in his room.

He was sentenced to serve a two-year probation and must pay $6,300 in fees and other costs. Pat Wade, UIPD spokesman, said police dealt with a similar incident in the spring of 2014 where an organized group brought drugs to campus to sell. He said the department is investigating the presence of organized drug operations on campus.

“The biggest resource is our Targeted Response Unit,” Wade said. “The duties focus on investigating drug sales and using different practices that spend time looking for organized drug rings.”

The police try to spend a lot of time communicating with students about the dangers of prescription pills and drugs like MDMA, which can be easily laced with harmful substances such as drain cleaner, Wade said.

“We put a focus on those kinds of drugs because we are looking for the people bringing those things to campus,” he said. “We’ve seen people end up in the emergency room on these drugs.”

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