Illinois Student Senate VPs resign due to 'unforeseen circumstances'

By Samantha Jones Toal

Matt Hill and Sarah Hochman, Illinois Student Senate vice presidents external and internal, respectively, resigned from their positions Sunday.

Hill’s and Hochman’s resignations will be effective Dec. 9. In their letter, the pair cited “unforeseen circumstances and opportunities.”

Hill said he couldn’t expand on the circumstances but said he wouldn’t be on campus next semester to serve as vice president. He said he felt it would be a good idea to announce his resignation early so a new vice president could be elected to allow for a smoother transition.

Hill said he and Hochman will not be working together next semester, despite their joint resignation letter.

Hochman was also unable to expand on the cause of her resignation but confirmed she and Hill “will physically not be (at the University) next semester.”

She said it’s just a coincidence they are both leaving campus at the same time and she is confident in the student senate’s future.

“The senate is only as strong as everybody in it,” Hochman said.

Mitch Dickey, Illinois Student Senate president, said the spring semester will be interesting without Hill and Hochman, but he is looking forward to working with a new executive core.

“I’m always worried getting new members or new leadership,” he said.Many of the core functions of the student senate are well-established practices, Dickey said, and he is trying to find people qualified to carry those out. However, he does not anticipate any projects falling through because of the change in leadership.

“I was a little bit surprised — although not to the greatest extent, we were really good friends,” Dickey said. “Sometimes unforeseen opportunities arise and I wish them the best.”

In their letter, Hill and Hochman proposed the student senate call for nominations Nov. 11 and hold an election Nov. 18.

Dickey said any student can be nominated, not just those who are members of the senate.

Hill and Hochman served in their current roles for the 2014-2015 school year as well. Dickey is also a two-time student senate president.

“It is sad we’re leaving, we really are a family,” Hill said.

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