Illinois Student Senate releases fall 2015 budget report

By Daily Illini Staff Report

The Illinois Student Senate published its fall budget report on Wednesday. According to the report, the student senate’s current balance is $35,633.58 and the available balance is $23,588.12.

Each Assembly the student senate receives $39,000 in funding to be spent how it sees fit. Money that is not spent during the current Assembly rolls over to the next Assembly. The current 12th Assembly received $12,230.76 from the 11th Assembly. The remaining funds from the 11th Assembly made the 11th Assembly’s net starting budget $51,230.76.

The largest expense was the It’s On Us fall week of action which cost $5,195. Other major expenses included budget advocacy at $1,632.35, wristbands, tattoos and a PSA video for mental health awareness, totaling $1,286.84 and $3,765 to send members to the 2015 Association of Big Ten Students Summer Conference.

In the conclusion of the report, Rahul Kalluri, treasurer, said he believed the Committee on Financial Affairs “rigourously” discussed all financial allocations.

Traditionally, Kalluri said each assembly ends with a surplus of about $10,000. He said he is unsure if it is because of a lack of “real student initiatives” or because the student senate simply does not need to spend $39,000 each assembly.

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    In an email to members of the student senate Kalluri encouraged senators to read through the budget, explaining it would help them better understand how to use the student senate’s resources to better serve the campus.

    “My goals for the rest of this assembly are to encourage senators and committee members to pursue programs and initiatives that will responsibly and effectively use our budget,” Kalluri said.

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