Student senator proposes "tuition equality" resolution

By Samantha Jones Toal

Senator Alex Villanueva authored a resolution on tuition equality that encourages a proportional tuition increase amongst in-state, out-of-state and international students.

Villanueva, who hails from Florida, said the resolution would show international and out-of-state students they weren’t admitted to the University simply because they will provide the University with more funds.

“This resolution says, ‘We respect our future Illini that come here out-of-state or from a different nation,’” Villanueva said.

Following a short discussion student body president Mitch Dickey sent the resolution to Campus Affairs, as well as to Financial Affairs and Academic Affairs, but in an advisory capacity.

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    Earlier Wednesday, the University recommended the Board of Trustees not to raise in-state-tuition for students starting their University career in fall 2016. The University also suggested maintaining student fees, with the exception of an increased $4 transportation fee that was approved in a November student referendum. The board will vote on the recommendation at its meeting in Chicago on Thursday.

    Golf Cart Rental Resolution Fails

    In December, the student senate proposed a golf cart rental resolution that suggested the use of a golf cart on campus as a public relations tool for the student senate.

    The golf cart was intended to be used with social media campaigns and was pitched as a way to help connect student senate to the students.

    However, student senate treasurer Rahul Kalluri announced Wednesday that the resolution was unsuccessful because the golf cart presents a liability issue.

    Kalluri said senators called the resolution, “irresponsible and unsafe.”

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