Illinois representatives drop bill after national outcry

By Daily Illini Staff Report

House Bill 6064, formerly sponsored by representatives John Cavaletto and Keith Wheeler, was introduced on Feb. 11 and would have additionally refused state financial child support to mothers who failed or refused to list a father.JT

The bill would have required that a father either be determined by a DNA test or another family member who will financially provide for the child must be named in court within 30 days of the child’s birth.JT

According to the proposed legislation, “If neither condition is met, a birth certificate shall not be issued for the child and the mother will be ineligible for any financial aid provided under the Illinois Public Aid Code for the support of the child.”

The legislation did not include exceptions for rape or incest, but did include an exception for mothers who chose artificial insemination provided that they signed a release waiving their right to state financial child support.JT

After reports from outlets such as Salon, Chicagoist and Jezebel, Wheeler dropped his support of the bill, and Cavaletto submitted a motion to table the bill last Friday.JT

“The intention of HB 6064 was to provide for the long-term support of hardworking single mothers by strengthening the legal responsibilities of fathers, while also improving the rights of fathers as well as grandparents who provide care for a child in place of a parent,” Wheeler said in a statement on his website. “However, the bill as introduced has flaws that would produce unintended consequences. I have therefore chosen to withdraw my support of the bill and thank all my constituents and others who offered feedback on both sides of this issue.”JT

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