Kasich is against free college tuition and has stated that students should attend community college to decrease costs, proposing that community colleges should start offering four year bachelor’s degrees.

Climate Change

Kasich is the only Republican candidate who believes that climate change is caused by humans. He has said that he would support investment in renewable energy and efforts to curb carbon emissions, but not at the expense of coal and natural gas workers.


Kasich has supported revitalizing the economy by focusing on balancing budgets and cutting taxes. He has supported the elimination of the death tax, a 16 percent income tax cut and the income tax for small businesses.


Kasich supports the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, instead advocating for changes to healthcare that include patient-centered care, cost reduction incentives and a market competition to reduce costs and provide better care.


Kasich has supported the building of a wall between the United States and Mexico, but he does not support the removal of current undocumented immigrants who are law-abiding.

Foreign Policy

Kasich has advocated for increasing defense spending by $102 billion over the next eight years. Additionally, he has expressed support for Israel, Ukraine, Egypt and certain Pacific allies.