With a new EIC comes new coverage

By Masaki Sugimoto

As everyone was on spring break and celebrating Easter with their families, The Daily Illini went through turnover.

Turnover is when the DI’s leadership changes hands. I am taking over as editor in chief for the next year.

My goal for The Daily Illini is to continue the coverage that keeps the student body informed. On top of that, I want expand the DI’s coverage so it better caters to groups who were potentially left out before. From minority communities to greeks and international students, I will work diligently to ensure The Daily Illini covers issues that matter to everyone.

Just as past years, the coming year will bring a lot to campus. A new chancellor will be named, Lovie Smith will be in his first season as head coach for Illini football and we will have a new president elected come November.

Not to mention, there is always breaking news you can’t see coming, like this past year with Steven Salaita and Tim Beckman. I can guarantee you that The Daily Illini and I will be around for whatever campus brings us in the next year.

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    We will be going through some changes in how news is brought to you. Already in the past year, we started printing only two days a week, launched a newsletter, and will be creating a new website in the coming months.

    We do all of this so the DI can better adapt to a news industry that is rapidly turning digital. These changes will help us deliver the news to you more immediately and keep you as up-to-date as possible with everything going on around our campus.

    Of course I am not going to do this all alone. I have a great staff of editors and reporters who will be covering what’s important on campus. I have the utmost confidence in this group and guarantee you will be impressed by their work.

    I hope that the DI will cover what matters to you, in a fair, quick and informational manner. If you feel we aren’t, please let me know. I would love to hear from you.

    I am excited for this opportunity to serve you and the Illinois community with this great staff.

    Masaki is a junior in Media?.

    [email protected]?