University student arrested for possession of LSD and cannabis in dorm

By Masaki Sugimoto

Dean Huang, freshman in Engineering, was arrested Friday for the possession of a controlled substance.

Police were alerted to drug activity at Blaisdell1 Hall, part of the Pennsylvania Avenue Residence Hall on April 13 said Patrick Wade, a spokesperson for the University of Illinois Police Department. Upon arrival they found cannabis and about 60 hits of LSD.

Drugs in these amounts are assumed to be procured for more than just recreational use, he said.

“Our investigators believe that he was selling these drugs to other students,” Wade said.

Huang was not in his dorm at the time so the police spent the next couple of weeks trying to locate him. Eventually, he was arrested at Altgeld Hall on Friday, April 29.

The arraignment is set for Monday where his formal charges and next court date will be determined. The details of this decision are unknown at this time.

Wade said this case follows a string of recent incidents of unsafe substance abuse on campus.

“A couple weeks ago, we had a case where a student got overheated and stripped off all their clothes and were running around yelling,” Wade said. “It was an unsafe situation not only for the student, but for the officers who were responding to this call.”

Events like these illustrate the dangerous and real presence that drugs have on campus, Wade said, and the University of Illinois Police Department is doing what it can to keep students safe and healthy.

“We want to obviously discourage the use of drugs like these that are giving students bad reactions and getting them into these unsafe situations,” Wade said. “We don’t want to see students getting themselves into situations where they may end up getting hurt.”

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