Students can now minor in public relations


Sonny An | Senior photographer

Gregory Hall is home to the College of Media which offers the new Public Relations Minor.

By Jason Chun, Assistant News Editor

Starting this semester, students who are interested in public relations will be able to minor in the subject.  Before, students could only receive a public relations certificate.

The department of advertising, in conjunction with the departments of communications and journalism, is offering a public relations minor to interested students, allowing them to continue studying the field. A minimum of 18 credit hours is needed to complete the minor, which will require three foundation courses, one writing course and two additional courses in advanced public relations.

Dr. Jacqueline Hitchon, professor and advertising department head, said in a press release that the introduction of this minor is an “important next step” in increasing the opportunities available for those interested in public relations.  

“Because public relations spans the field of communication, students will benefit from the perspective they will receive in each of the departments,” Hitchon said in the release. “We believe this will broaden their practical and theoretical understanding of public relations.”

The current public relations certificate that is offered will slowly phase out over the course of the 2016-2017 academic year, as the minor will replace it.

Students who have already been accepted onto the PR certificate track will be able to either finish the certificate or transfer into the minor, depending on whether they can complete the minimum-credit requirement before graduating.

An informational meeting will be held early this fall semester. The time and place of the meeting will be announced in coming weeks.
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