UIPD releases annual fire, safety report


By Lilly Mashayek, Staff Writer

The University of Illinois Police Department released their Annual Security and Fire Safety Report, which includes statistics for 2013 through 2015.

The report also includes resources for the campus community in case it ever becomes the victim of a crime, said UIPD spokesperson Pat Wade.

UIPD officer A.J. Martin reminded students that if they see one of their friends in need of medical attention, such as potential alcohol poisoning, they will not be given drinking tickets if they are underage as long as they cooperate with the police.

All crimes that are included within the report are crimes that fall under the Clery Act, which “is a federal mandate requiring all institutions of higher education that participate in the federal student financial aid program to disclose information about crime on their campuses and in the surrounding communities,” according to the UIPD website.

“Our statistics are pretty consistent and have been for the last few years; they don’t see huge numbers up and down,” said Deputy Chief Tony Brown with UIPD.

Crimes that are included in the report are only those that occurred within the jurisdiction of UIPD, which is any property owned by the University, including any locations directly related to the campus, according to the report.

However, campus bars, fraternities and sororities do not fall within this jurisdiction.

“The Clery Act is very location specific,” Brown said. “One year you may have something happen at an accountable location. But the next year, something similar happened, but it happened (at), say, a block over … that’s not an accountable location; then that crime doesn’t count for these crime statistics.”

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