Interfraternity Council, Panhellenic Council announce executive board members


Emma Li

The Main Quad on Sunday, Oct 2, 2016.

By Karen Liu, Staff Writer

The University’s Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Council announced their executive board members for 2017.

The Greek councils are student-run government bodies that celebrate “friendship, leadership, scholarship, service and social advancement, while appreciating the diversity of their member organization,” according to their websites.  

The 2017 Interfraternity Council executive board members are Dakota Clayton, Kevin Staniszewski, Kevin Kramer, Ben Samborn, Ricky Guminrov, Jacob Komenda, Samuel Gainer, Ross Bessinger and president David Kessler.

The 2017 Panhellenic Executive Board members are Marissa Sulek, Alison Owczarski, Sarah Batterson, Madison Ellin, Delaney Laurence, Erin Donovan, Abby Baum, Kelly Aukamp, Lauren Southwood and Emily Jacobs.

Sulek, the Panhellenic Council president, said she has wanted to be on the Panhellenic Council since recruitment of her freshman year. She gave up her chance to study abroad in England in exchange for the position.

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    Sulek’s primary goal is to promote cooperation with the Interfraternity Council, the United Greek Council and the Black Greek Council. She also hope to work with the 2017 executive board to plan successful Pride Events and formal recruitment, among other occasions.

    She also hopes to be a mentor and counselor for current chapter presidents and Panhellenic delegates.

    “After being chapter president myself, I want to assist current presidents with any and all issues that arise,” Sulek said. “Chapter presidency is difficult to take on, especially when everyone is busy with schoolwork, organizations and college life. Therefore, I’m willing to assist presidents every step of the way.”

    Kessler said his goals as Interfraternity Council president include increasing overall fraternity membership, raising the average fraternity GPA and establishing an annual school-wide philanthropy event that brings the community together for a great cause.

    On top of that, Kessler plans to focus on raising sexual assault awareness, since it is something that has been plaguing the fraternity community all over the country.

    “It is a topic that is stigmatized when it should be at the forefront of everyone’s attention,” said Kessler, “I’d like to see Illinois become a leading university in this necessary paradigm shift.”

    Both Sulek and Kessler mentioned that they hope to follow the path laid by their predecessors, Liam McHugh and Samantha Rothman, while learning from their mistakes.

    Kessler hopes to hear more ideas and constructive criticism directly from the fraternity chapters governed by the Interfraternity Council, so that chapters can become closer and rely on each other for support and advice.

    Sulek has similar plans for her term to help the chapter houses work together for overall success.

    “During the school year I plan on making the chapter president meetings more of a discussion than a lecture,” Sulek said.

    Both Kessler and Sulek expressed confidence in working with the rest of the board to create a united group in the upcoming year.

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