KAM’s, C Street fail health inspections for more than grimy floors


Jessica Jutzi

The women’s bathroom of KAM’s, located on Daniel St. in Champaign, on Tuesday, Feb. 21st.

By Kevin Delgado , Staff Writer

KAM’s failed its most recent health inspection due to mold, a soiled ice machine and drain flies too numerous to count.

Chester Street Bar, also known as C Street, failed a recent health inspection in part due to lack of sanitizer in sinks and soiled floors.

Because the bars failed to surpass the required adjusted score of 35 or more on a 100-point scale, both KAM’s and C Street were required to post a “re-inspection required” notice until it was completed. Both establishments were allowed to remain open.

After a routine inspection on Nov. 18, KAM’s received an adjusted failing score of 21 points and five critical violations. The establishment had spoiled and molded celery and limes, as well as “drain flies in quantities too numerous to count” that were found at both the main bar and the upstairs men’s restroom.

KAM’s was ordered to obtain pest control treatment and to thoroughly clean the affected areas. The bar also received repeated violations for floors that were chipped, damaged and soiled.

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    After undergoing a re-inspection on Dec. 15,  KAM’s received an adjusted passing score of 69 points.

    But even after the re-inspection and the higher score, KAM’s still failed to correct some repeated violations, including improper ice storage and drainage.

    C Street received an adjusted failing score of 32 and five critical violations on Dec. 6.

    According to health inspection documents, there was a lack of sanitizer for the sink of the front bar, which is the only sink available to wash, rinse and sanitize glasses and utensils.

    There was also a lack of hot and cold water and a broken sink that caused the back bar to be closed.

    The facility was limited to serving customers out of only single service cups, cans and bottles until a sanitizer was provided and verified by an inspector.

    On Jan. 6, a re-inspection was conducted and resulted in an adjusted passing score of 78 points, though the report detailed further violations including floors that were soiled and not easily cleanable.

    KAM’s and Chester Street Bar did not wish to comment on this story.

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