Mashawi Grill permanently closed


Brian Bauer

Customers found Mashawi Grill unexpectedly closed this Monday with a sign announcing its sale.

By Jessica Berbey, Assistant Daytime Editor

Mashawi Grill, located at 617 E. Green St., has been permanently closed. The Mediterranean restaurant posted a pink handwritten sign outside their door.

The sign read, “Mashawi has been sold. We will miss our lovely customers. Thank you.”

Shawn Lin, junior in ACES, said he wondered why old businesses are leaving Green St.

“I actually walked past (Mashawi Grill) everyday. I saw some students looking at it while it was closed.” Lin said. “Probably from a business standpoint, it’s good to get new businesses in.”

Madelin Montufar, sophomore in AHS, also noticed restaurants closing on Green St.

“It’s a great idea to open more restaurants on campus, especially since there are a lot of ethnic groups and it’s, like, an international campus,” Montufar said. “So I really like the new idea of opening new restaurants.”

Students took it to Reddit to express their disapproval.

“Wow, that’s surprising, I never saw the place empty. And I went there often. Bummed,” user mix_feedback_repeat commented.

A similar circumstance happened late last year when the Antonio’s pizzeria closed without warning. Cracked has since taken its space, which is located right next to Mashawi.

“I heard (Mashawi Grill) was good.” said Christina Vercillo, senior in LAS. “I’d like more of a warning when they are going to close. For example I didn’t know Antonio’s was going to close.”

The owner of Mashawi could not be reached for comment. 

Sabrina Yan contributed to this report. 

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