Water leak in front of Cold Stone Creamery on Green St.


Hannah Auten

Construction workers fix a potential underground water line that broke in front of Cold Stone Creamery on Green Street on Monday.

By Jessica Berbey, Assistant Daytime Editor

A potential underground line break is spouting murky water on Green St. in front of Cold Stone Creamery.

It is unknown what caused the leakage, but in order to be repaired, the water supply between Fifth and Sixth streets will have to be cut off, said Illinois American Water employee, Jim Cox.

This includes residential apartments whose tenants have reported their water will be turned off until 1 a.m.

“It is going to be a mess to clean up,” Cox said. “It will take anywhere between five to six hours.”

Cox said the southbound side of Green St. where the leakage is happening will have to be closed off.

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    Cold Stone Creamery, Legends​, and Azzip Pizza are all closed tonight due to a water main break on Green street.

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