University to have new vice chancellor for student affairs


Brian Bauer

The University of Illinois Board of Trustees holds a meeting at the Illini Union on Jan. 18, 2017.

By Wren Wheeling, Staff Writer

Danita Brown Young is to become vice chancellor for student affairs at the University as of August 7, pending approval by the Illinois Board of Trustees.

Brown Young is currently the vice provost for student affairs and dean of students at the University of Minnesota. Because of her experience at two land-grant universities and at various smaller universities, the search committee recognized her potential to strengthen Student Affairs at the University of Illinois and reached out to Brown Young, she said.  

“I want to take student affairs to the next level,” Brown Young said. “I really hope to develop strong and intimate relationship with the students.”

At Minnesota, Brown Young said that she played a large role in the reorganization and rebuilding of student affairs so that her team would know each other and work together.

“I believe in communication and collaboration,” she said.  

Brown Young also explained that she helped expand services particularly in cultural groups on campus, and provided more resources for people who may need help such as women on campus who are victims of sexual harassment or abuse.

“I am going to miss my people in Minnesota,” she says, “but I am really excited to get to be on the campus.” Growing up, Brown Young says that she used to visit the area a lot over the summers.

She said to have loved her time here and thought everything about Illinois was beautiful. “I always thought that I was going to attend the University of Illinois when I was in elementary school,” she added.

According to Brown Young, being vice chancellor for student affairs is mainly about paying attention to the students, by seeing how they interact with each other on campus and paying attention to their needs. It is a position that she is prepared for and proud to accept.

“I am excited and thrilled for this opportunity to work with outstanding leaders at Illinois,” she said. “I thank Chancellor Jones for this opportunity.”

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