Counseling Center expands workshop locations


Patrick Li

The Counseling Center, located at the Turner Student Services Building on John street in Champaign, offers workshops to improve study skills, mental health awareness and more.

By Olivia Welshans, Contributing writer

The Counseling Center’s Tuesday @ 7 workshops are expanding their availability on campus.

The workshops, facilitated by the Counseling Center Paraprofessionals program and the student-run outreach team for the Counseling Center, have been moved from their previous location in the Illini Union to various locations across campus.

“While the Union is still one of our locations, we wanted to also be all over campus, so that students had a chance no matter where they live, no matter what they’re doing to possibly find a workshop somehow in close proximity to them,” said Jeffrey Graham, the CCP program coordinator.

The Tuesday @ 7 workshops cover a broad range of topics, from study skills and mental health awareness to identity. Graham and members of the CCP encourage students to attend the workshops regardless of their knowledge on self-care or study habits.

The 11 workshop series can now be found at locations like PAR, the Asian American Cultural Center and the Women’s Resources Center, making them accessible to a larger variety of students.

“I think a lot of the time, students are not aware of all the dynamics that can affect their mental health or mental well-being, so I think it’s important for students to start building that awareness,” Graham said.

Facilitators of the Tuesday @ 7 workshops are all members of the CCP program. Students within the program are chosen through a selective application process in the fall, and they are trained by the Center through a semester-long course in the spring.

During their workshops, CCP members try to engage students in a multitude of different ways.

“We try to incorporate more activities and make it less of a lecture and more of a discussion,” said Jessica Vanderah, senior in LAS and CCP member. “Whether that is just group discussions or small discussions or activities, like writing your own goals, doing little charts and other assorted activities.”

Tessa Dalton, a junior in LAS and CCP member, described her role in CCP as the “direct connection” the Counseling Center has with students.

“The Counseling Center is there and waiting for students to come to it,” Dalton said. “We go to the students. We come out and say, ‘Hey, there are these resources available. These are things you can do to improve your quality of life at school and improve your study tactics.’”

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