Cracked on wheels will hit the brakes this winter; Green St. location remains open


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Students eating lunch inside the Cracked restaurant on Apr. 3, 2017.

By Eric Rzeszutko

With last semester’s opening of Cracked’s first permanent location, customers now have the opportunity to visit the breakfast food restaurant over winter break.

Including the store located at 619 E Green St. in Champaign, Cracked is able to serve the public at three locations simultaneously when its two trucks are in operation. The store on Green serves the public into later hours of the night.

“We just recently upgraded our kitchen, which allowed us to expand and change our menu full of new items,” said Daniel Krause, co-owner of Cracked. “The trucks do not have the same capabilities as our full kitchen here on Green, and I have been excited to bring this new menu to Cracked for a while.”

During winter break every year, the Cracked trucks temporarily go out of service. “The food trucks have always taken a pause during the slow times of winter break for multiple reasons. Most importantly, during this time, it is very difficult to drive the truck through snow or if there is ice on the roads, and we perform any needed maintenance to the vehicles,” Krause said.

However, Krause said that customers need not fear this year, because the Green St. store will remain open over break.

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    Sam Gray, sophomore in LAS, said she has visited Cracked and enjoys the Vegasm. Her interest in Cracked lies with their food trucks on campus.

    “I prefer the food trucks over the restaurant. Something about the truck’s vibe draws me in,” Gray said. “I prefer Cracked in the morning, but I am happy to now have the option of a late night stop on Green too.”

    When told about the trucks’ temporary hold on operations, Gray was indifferent on Cracked’s decision.

    “Most students are at home during break, and the location on Green is open, so I don’t see it being a problem for anyone really,” Gray said.

    Cracked General Manager Elliott West works both at the food trucks and at the Green St. location. He expects that during this winter, Cracked business will remain steady due to the restaurant location.

    “Brave souls out there might be affected,” West said. “This will be the first winter to come in and enjoy Cracked inside.”

    Previously, Cracked has been unavailable during the winter period when the trucks are absent. Now, the Green location will be open during the pause.

    “The menu is more extensive inside, and will be open all season long. From early in the morning to late at night, it also is able to be open for longer than the trucks,” West said.  

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