Professor not charged with unauthorized videotaping of former Chief portrayer

By Jessica Bursztynsky, News Editor

College of Media professor Jay Rosenstein was arrested Monday night for “unauthorized videotaping” but was later released without being charged.

“Jay Rosenstein has been released and will not be in court. We are declining to file charges at this time,” said State’s Attorney Julia Rietz said at a conference. “The criminal justice system is not the place to gain an advantage for one side or the other on a public debate.”

Rosenstein allegedly followed Ivan Dozier, president of “Honor the Chief Society” and former Chief Illiniwek portrayer, into the bathroom at Monday’s University basketball game.

Dozier addressed the alleged incident in a Facebook post after the game.

“After finishing my business at the urinal, I turned to find the professor, phone still in hand and pointed right at me. I was almost speechless…the man was literally trying to catch me with my pants down. You’d think as many times as I’ve been harassed by this guy, that I would know how to react by now,” Dozier wrote.

Rosenstein is a longtime opponent of the Chief’s use in sports and created the documentary “In Whose Honor?” addressing the issue.

University of Illinois Police Department spokesman Pat Wade said officers were called around 8:53 p.m. by State Farm Center security guards.

State Farm Center security guards arrived to see a member of the group “herding” Rosenstein out of the bathroom.

“We talked to both parties involved,” Wade said. “The group that was being recorded indicated to us that they were being uncomfortable with Mr. Rosenstein’s actions. He (Rosenstein) indicated to us that he felt a journalistic responsibility that he had to record what was going on at that time,” Wade said.

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