AAUP suggests Rosenstein’s right to academic due process violated

By The Daily Illini Staff Report

The American Association of University Professors, a national organization committed to the advancement of academic freedom, is investigating a University disciplinary case, raising the prospect of future censure.

University professor Jay Rosenstein has been placed on paid administrative leave after his arrest for the unauthorized videotaping of former Chief Illiniwek portrayer Ivan Dozier in the bathroom of the State Farm Center on Jan. 22.

Rosenstein was released without charge the next morning.

The association said Rosenstein was not given the opportunity to explain his actions to the University before being placed on leave. The University’s decision does not align with the association’s guidelines, which state Rosenstein’s separation from the University without due process is considered a suspension.

A suspension is justifiable if the faculty member poses “immediate harm” to others, which has not been suggested in Rosenstein’s case, said Anita Levy of the American Association of University Professors.

University Chancellor Robert Jones remains comfortable with the decisions being made by the University regarding Rosenstein.

“As I’ve said before, this is a non-disciplinary administrative leave with pay,” Jones said. “I feel comfortable with the process we’re using.”

Rosenstein said he is grateful for many of his faculty colleagues looking out for him.

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