University startup to go to Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona


Photo courtesy of Chang Hun Lee

A product recently launched by University Junior, Chang Hun Lee. The product is called ONESMARTDIET.

By The Daily Illini Staff Report

OneSoftdigm, a startup company founded by University students that focuses on healthcare, launched its first product this year.

Chang Hun Lee, senior in Business, along with his team, recently launched a product called ONESMARTDIET.

The team participated in CES 2018, The International Consumer Electronics Show, a gathering place for businesses to show off new products. They will also be participating in the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona.

Lee said the Mobile World Congress is mainly for European companies, since CES already targeted American companies.

At CES, Lee and his team were invested in by a German company, Medisana AG.

“After, getting invested by Medisana AG, we opened up a business registration, we also want to open up a business pack in Europe,” Lee said. “In order to do that, we need to get investments from other companies to build up our business registration.”

Lee said Medisana AG invited them to Mobile World Congress to find a new distributor.

“We first started as a government project in Korea and then we thought this could work in the real world,” Lee said. “Right now the only machine that can measure your body composition, such as muscle mass, fat mass, BMI and BMR is only the big machines that (are) only available in hospitals or in clinics.”

Lee said the machines are expensive and cannot be bought for home use and that body composition results are only effective if you take them everyday, that is where the strength of their product lies: in its portability.

“You can measure your body composition any time, anywhere,” Lee said.

In the long run, they hope to work with hospitals, Lee said. The patients of the hospital would take their body composition everyday and the results would then be sent to the hospital.

“(The) hospital can look into their data, and if their heart rate is going up, they can call their customer and say you should probably come to the hospital in the next week because there is something going on with your body,” Lee said.

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