Students pass, fail various referendums, elect new student government


Constance Sarantos

Students trustee candidates debate during the Student Trustee Debate on Mar. 6.

By Samantha Boyle, Staff Writer

Election results for the spring 2018 election have been released. There were 5,401 ballots counted in this election, and the results are as follows:

Campus wide referendum:

A continuation of the $2 per semester fee supporting renewable energy and energy conservation projects at the University, which the Student Sustainability Committee manages, passed, 3,117 to 455.

A continuation of  the $12.06 per semester student fee to support sustainability projects on campus, which the SSC also manages, passed, 2,878 to 648.

A continuation  of the $12.94 per semester Legacy of Service and Learning Scholarship fee passed, 2,598 to 900. The scholarship assists students who are willing to participate in community service.

The only referendum that failed 3,133 to 1,700 reads as follows: Shall the University divest, or withdraw investments, from specified companies in the University’s BlackRock portfolio that actively normalize, engage in, or fund human rights violations as defined by the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights?

In addition to passing and failing referendums, the new student government for the University was also elected. The results are as follows:

Trustee: Trayshawn Mitchell

ISG Executive: Walter Lindwall, Sidai (Alice) Zheng

Student Organization Resource Fee Board: Xavier Morgan, Noah Gilbert, Roger Erickson, Adam R. Peterson, Yadira Torres, Jaime Camargo, Jacqueline Anonales Bustos, Aida Guhlincozzi


ACES: Xavier Morgan, Madeline P. Poole, Thomas Frederick Justison

AHS: Bridgette Rasmussen, Marianna Zalova

BUS-A: Andy Zhou, Anthony Padilla

BUS-B: Abhinav Dixit, Derryl Achmad

DGS: Mary O’Callaghan, Armando Miranda, tie between Jesse Tabak, Joshua Joines

EDUC: Natalie O’Callaghan

ENGR-A: Mrinaal Mittal, Thomas Ng, Sayan Sur, Hyun Seo (Adam) Chung

ENGR-B: Brandon T. Chiodini, Jack M. Johnson

ENGR-C: Ryan Schiffer, Jacob Anderson

FAA: Casey Griffin, Sullivan Peterson-Quinn

GRAD: Steve Sherman, Tom Shull, Steven Williams, Antonio Franques, Joseph Edwards, Lucy Chang, Bryan Parthum, Brandon Bogue, John Harlan, David Degenhardt, Eric Van Buskirk

LAS-A: Deniz Namik, Richard L. Gonigam, Daniel Clark

LAS-B: Nathan R. Poulosky, Grant Neal, tie between Margareta Sutarova, Peggy Kern

LAS-C: Vikram Sardana, Vikransh Aggarwal, Anna Sekiguchi, Alice Chudnovksy

LAS-D: Aishwarya Shekara, Arnoldo Ayala, Marissa M. Finley, Max Truman Shapiro

MDA: Madeleine Hubbard

SSW: Tie between Daisy A. Guirre, Josh Pliskin, Kayla Janssen, Kelly Schneider, Leyda Garcia, Lilyia Garcia, Maria Nation, Noah Gilbert

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