University offers resources to assist final exam scheduling


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By Madalyn Velisaris, Staff Writer

Many students have the experience of stressing over a hectic final exam schedule. Luckily, the University has resources in place to accommodate those in need.

The Student Code says students who have three in-person exams within a 24-hour period are eligible to obtain a conflict exam. However, if a student wants to take a final at a later date, they must obtain approval from the dean of the college.

“Ask your instructors. The thing we will tell people is an instructor is allowed to offer conflict exams at their own discretion. Just because by student code they don’t have to doesn’t mean that they can’t,” said Terrence Free, office administrator at the Office of the Registrar.

Professors may be more accommodating to students in larger lectures because the Student Code does not indicate a professor’s presence is necessary while students are taking an exam, which makes it possible for a teaching assistant to administer an exam if needed, Free said.

Free advised that students shoud not make travel plans until the date of their final is confirmed.

If a student has an emergency issue, they should first contact their professor. If the instructor is not cooperative, the student can contact other resources such as the college office or the dean of students, Free said.

“Anything where it is a personal student incident or situation, contact the emergency dean within the Dean of Students Office. They have someone on call 24/7, at all times, but especially during final exams,” Free said.

Free said the Office of the Registrar does have extended hours during final exams, so students may call with logistical questions, such as what to do if a student goes to the wrong room for an exam.

“Everybody wants the students to succeed. No one is here trying to screw the students over,” he said.

Wendy Yang, assistant professor in Plant Biology and Geology, said she holds review sessions for students to help alleviate the stress of exams.

If a student has multiple exams within a short period of time, Yang is willing to offer students a conflict exam. Yang said she understands students may be going through a lot of stress and tries to help.

“I know that finals week can be really tough because there are so many final exams packed into a short amount of time. That was the same struggle I went through as an undergraduate,” Yang said.

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